**An ozone Air Quality Action Day is in effect for Monday! Light southwesterly winds, temperatures in the lower 90s, mostly sunny skies, and increasing weekday emissions will result in robust ozone formation, and concentrations will reach into the code ORANGE category Monday afternoon. Fine particulate levels will even go moderate with limited low level mixing.


*** Extended forecast: Air quality will remain well into the moderate range on Tuesday with only a small chance for any late afternoon or evening thunderstorms. Better air quality may occur Wednesday into Thursday with a slow moving cold front which may stall in the vicinity of the Delaware valley.---McAuliffe

Monday is an Air Quality Action Day. Please protect your health by limiting strenuous outdoor activities.

Help prevent air pollution by:

  • Taking transit

  • Refueling your vehicle at night

  • Conserving energy in your home


To follow air quality in PHL between forecasts:


For more information, contact the Air Quality Partnership at 215-238-2860.