An Air Quality Action Day will be in effect for the day Monday**. Fine particulate concentrations continue to be elevated across the Delaware valley this Sunday afternoon, and while levels are decreasing some the past few hours, this will not be enough to keep the daily average out of the code ORANGE range. *** Monday’s forecast: A strong upper level ridge will keep the stagnant pattern going Monday, and the weak winds in tandem with a strong temperature inversion will maintain code ORANGE concentrations of PM2.5, with some small decreases during the afternoon as the inversion breaks a bit. Areas of fog will give way to mostly sunny skies and unseasonably warm temperatures.


*** Extended forecast: The upper level ridge will break down Tuesday, allowing for some improvements in air quality, with all areas likely averaging in the moderate range. Temperatures will continue to be well above average. The next cold front then approaches late Wednesday, bringing some much needed rainfall to the area. A little cooler air will follow the front later on this week with temperatures going down closer to normal mid-November levels.

Monday is an Air Quality Action Day. Please protect your health by limiting strenuous outdoor activities.

Help prevent air pollution by:

  • Taking transit

  • Refueling your vehicle at night

  • Conserving energy in your home


To follow air quality in PHL between forecasts:


For more information, contact the Air Quality Partnership at 215-238-2860.