How do you qualify for an Excellence Award?

Employees who earn an excellence award are hard working, dependable, exceed expectations, receive consumer compliments, and hold a clean record without complaints and/or incidences.

What do you receive when you earn an Excellence Award?

You receive a $500 check and an Employee Excellence pin.

1st Half: May 2018 - October 2018

John Hyde, Bux-Mont Transportation

Nate Burgess, Easton Coach Company

Eric McNeely, Easton Coach Company

Joe Derham, Main Line Transit

Dan Mazzenga, Tri County Transit

Barbara Moyer, Valley Transit

1st Quarter: July, August, September 2017-18

Angelino Gaspari, Bux-Mont Trans.

Brittany Stumpf, Easton Coach Company

Carol Bondi, Easton Coach Company

John Freyer, Main Line Transit

James Baker, Tri County Transit

Joe Detwiler, Valley Transit

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