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•  Don’t Rush! Plan ahead and allow extra time to arrive at pick-up points.

•  Dress appropriately and wear slip-resistant footwear when possible. 

•  Be on the lookout for icy, snow-covered, or uneven pavement. 

•  In areas covered with snow & ice or blocked by a snow bank, wait on the sidewalk, at a cleared driveway, or nearby corner.

   DO NOT wait in the street. 

•  Be aware of the gap between the curb and vehicle. 

•  Use handrails when entering and exiting the vehicle. TransNet vehicles feature non-slip floors but extra caution is

    always encouraged.  

•  Stand far away from the curb until the vehicle has come to a full stop.  
















•  Stand clear of the doors so they have safe, sufficient room to open.  

•  Allow those exiting the vehicle to go first - then board safely. 

•  Keep vehicle aisles clear of personal items. 


•  Refrain from putting wet items on seats. 

•  If traveling with an escort, allow them to assist you when navigating potentially dangerous walkways and stairs. 

•  When exiting, be sure to take all belongings with you and move a safe distance from the vehicle. 


•  When entering your destination, keep in mind that your footwear may be wet and floor surfaces may be slippery. 


•  Keep your mobile device charged and accessible in the event of an emergency. 

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