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Meet Driver/Aides Monday: Mother/Daughter Team at Tri County Transit

Tamara DeBoer and Elsa Jost are not only mother and daughter but they make a great team duo for TransNet's partner, Tri County Transit. They have been working together as driver and aide for almost two years and enjoy being a team. Tamara and Elsa are mainly involved in transporting school children who are typically autistic. They are challenged on a daily basis and are able to be successful and remain happy with what they do as a result of their close relationship as mother and daughter along with the connection they get from the children they transport. The interaction between the parents, children and Tamara and Elsa is enjoyable with great amounts of understanding, respect, and kindness. They talk about the best experience they have had as a driver and aide by saying, "We enjoy how they are progressing. When we picked them up at the beginning of this school year and saw how much they have grown and changed over the summer, it was so neat to see."

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