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Make a Difference in People's Lives

Video Testimonials from Drivers and Aides

View the Video Above: Larry Butts, Driver at Valley Transit, shares reasons why people should join our team. 

View the Video Above: Bridget Sheedy, Driver at Tri County Transit, says she loves her job because she has a chance to give back. People depend on her every day to take them to and from their requested destinations. 

View the Video Above: Augie Falbo, Driver at Bux-Mont Transportation, enjoys showing new hires the ways of the business and how everyone works together as a team.

View the Video Above: Betty Lou Schumack, Aide at Bux-Mont Transportation, shares her thoughts on how gratifying it is to be an aide helping other people as they enter and exit the vehicle.

View the Video Above: Philip Stonier, Driver at Easton Coach Company, shares his story about how his riders make him smile.

View the Video Above: Yolanda Kitrell, Driver at Easton Coach Company, enjoys transporting seniors and listening about their day.

View the Video Above: Johanna Phillips, Aide at Tri County Transit, has a special connection to transporting children with disabilities especially autism. She also demonstrates the support that drivers and aides have for each other daily.

View the Video Above: Jim Vincent, Driver at Bux-Mont Transportation, says his job is stress free and he enjoys transporting children with disabilities and adults in wheelchairs knowing he is making a difference in their lives.

View the Video Above: Jim Perna, Driver at Easton Coach Company, enjoys the adventure and constant change in his job.

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