TransNet continues to make strides to reduce the carbon footprint all throughout Montgomery County and surrounding areas to help the environment.

Propane Grant

In our continued commitment to optimize sustainability, TransNet applied for and received a grant to include additional vehicles to our fleet.  This grant allowed us to purchase 14 new propane vehicles and retrofit 7 existing vehicles in our fleet. Studies have shown the overall performance of propane vehicles is better for the environment because the engines burn cleaner, making it unnecessary to change the oil as frequently, using less fossil fuel. TransNet continues to strive to do their part in reducing the carbon footprint in order to protect our environment.

TransNet Interviewed by PTMA on WNPV 1440 AM
Air Quality Partnership Excellence Award

TransNet received the Air Quality Partnership Excellence Award in Spring 2017 from Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) for big steps taken to improve air quality. " TransNet reduces emissions from single occupancy vehicles while providing mobility alternatives for local residents through an array of ride options", states DVRPC.  

"As warmer weather approaches, so does the onset of ground-level ozone. High levels of ozone pose health risks for everyone, and large segments of the population are considered especially sensitive to air pollution. Fortunately, ozone levels are being monitored and the public can be alerted when levels become unhealthy. The Air Quality Partnership (AQP), a program of the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, educates residents about the dangerous effects of ground-level ozone and provides air quality forecasts to the public.

To celebrate local initiatives and best practices to reduce air pollution, five organizations in the Greater Philadelphia region received 2017 Air Quality Partnership Excellence Awards. Each year, public and private institutions are honored for their efforts to improve air quality." (DVRPC)

Sustainability/TDM Awards

TransNet has received the Sustainability/Transportation Demand Management (TDM) award from Greater Valley Forge Transportation Management Association (GVFTMA) since 2012 including one bronze level award and five platinum level awards. We also received the 2014 Sustainable Platinum Award from State Representative Kate Harper on behalf of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, “in recognition of employers that are making investments in programs that help their employees get to work.” These awards were presented to TransNet for our continuous efforts and accomplishments in providing and promoting commuting alternatives for employees and the community. TransNet continues to invest in alternative fuel vehicles as part of our fleet, participate in Earth Day, partner with corporate centers to provide shuttles for employees, provide shuttles for colleges and schools and provide Shared Ride and Persons with Disabilities (PwD) riders with transportation throughout Montgomery County and surrounding areas.

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Earth Day Events

TransNet participates annually in Earth Day events and activities through our partnerships. These events create awareness of the necessity for individuals to do their part in reducing the carbon footprint in order to protect our planet.

Race to Excellence Awards

TransNet competes each year as a supporting agency to assist employers and colleges with creative transportation options to address the commuting needs of their employees and students. TransNet received Best Workplaces for Commuters Race to 
Excellence Awards since 2011 including one silver medal and four gold medals.