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Maria Church, Risk Management Director at TransNet, received her certification as a Safety and Security Officer (CSSO).  Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) taught the multi-day course in Pittsburgh required for people who were striving to receive this certification. Maria then took what she learned back to TransNet and our partners to implement the following nine critical areas:


  • Leadership and Management

  • Operations

  • Vehicles and Maintenance

  • Facilities and Maintenance

  • Personnel

  • Training

  • Organizational Safety

  • Organizational Security

  • Community Emergency Response Preparedness

Completion of this certification encompasses the commitment Maria demonstrates on a daily basis to guide TransNet and our partners in providing the safest possible service for riders, employees, and Montgomery County.  

COVID-19 Related Quality Assurance
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High Touch Areas of the Vehicles are Disinfected at Least Three Times Per Driver Shift

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Entire Interior of the Vehicles including Floors

are Disinfected at the End of Each Day

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Seats are Disinfected at the End of Each Day

Quality transportation and safety go hand-in-hand.

TransNet is committed to the highest degree of risk management for all our riders and the communities we serve. To attain this goal, we have a Risk Management Committee, which includes transportation providers, drivers, senior citizen agency, disability agency, insurance professionals and TransNet's Risk Management Director and Risk Management Coordinator.

The committee meets on a monthly basis to:

  • Review any accidents that may have occurred during the previous month and to assess if an accident could have been avoided.

  • Determine the need, if any, for drivers to attend remedial training.

  • Discuss any new safety regulations to be implemented and/or situations related to safety that occurred with recommendations made to the Board of Directors.

Vehicle maintenance receives high priority.

All vehicles are maintained according to the TransNet required vehicle maintenance schedule. TransNet's Risk Management Director and staff from an independent fleet service company, Dickinson Fleet, randomly inspect vehicles at each carrier site to ensure compliance with these procedures. Vehicles with deficiencies are taken off the road immediately until the necessary repairs are completed.

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Mechanics Check Vehicles Daily

Shuttle bus disinfectaning back pack!.jp

Maintenance Staff Check and Replace Driver Cleaning Supplies Daily

Ongoing driver compliance checks keep safety on the top-of-the-mind with drivers.

TransNet's Risk Management Director conducts monthly visits to various service locations to verify each driver's compliance with TransNet's Passenger Assistance Policy and other safety practices. Drivers must also employ proper wheelchair securement and wheelchair lift operation.

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