All new drivers receive 20 hours of classroom training and at least 16 hours of on-the-road training before they begin working. On average, TransNet's Risk Management Director conducts training sessions in 2-3 week intervals. All existing drivers receive refresher courses in Defensive Driving and CPR.

Additional Driver Requirements

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TransNet's policies include a comprehensive background check on each new potential employee. Before employees are hired, a criminal history, FBI finger printing, motor vehicle reports and child abuse checks are obtained and a pre-employment drug test is conducted to ascertain eligibility for employment.

In addition, on an ongoing basis, TransNet's mandatory drug and alcohol policy requires that all drivers submit to drug testing on a random, post-accident, and reasonable suspicion basis. A total of 50% of all employees are tested annually. Driver Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs) are updated every year.

Riders really appreciate our professional drivers.

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We're proud of the feedback we continuously receive about the professional, caring personalities of our drivers. Our drivers bring these highly-valuable traits with them, and we provide the additional training that makes them stand apart from other transit service companies.

Drivers Offer Passenger Assistance - Masks Are Worn