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Lift Operating Procedures
  • Stop on level ground
  • Place vehicle in park
  • Set parking brake
  • Turn lift switch on
Types of Securements
  • Floor Securements
  • Lap Belt - Continuous Lap Belt
  • Lap Belt and Shoulder Harness
Loading the Wheelchair
  • Open doors and lock into place
  • Locate control box
  • Deploy lift (make sure there is enough room)
  • Greet client in professional manner and check for Lap Belt
  • Check hand grips on wheelchair
  • Ask client to place hands on their lap
  • Check rear safety plate and remove lift belt
  • Back wheelchair onto lift *(electric chairs you control power)
  • Set the brake on the wheelchair and secure lift belt.
  • Raise the lift holding onto the wheelchair from ground level.
    • (Never ride the lift)
  • Back wheelchair into vehicle and secure at least one lock
  • Enter the vehicle, release brakes and move chair into position
Securing the Wheelchair
  • Always have client and chair facing forward
  • Set brakes
  • 4-point tie down: (2 front, 2 rear) Secure to the frame. *Never secure to wheel, movable or removable part of the chair or cross brace.
  • Attach straps as high as possible (45 degree angle) from chair frame
  • Route each strap in a straight line
  • Tighten all 4 straps. The chair should not move more than 2 inches
  • Secure client with a lap belt and shoulder harness
  • Remove shoulder harness and lap belt
  • Release 4 tie downs and remove from chair and from floor
  • Release brake and move chair to lift
  • Place wheelchair onto lift forward facing and set brake making sure lift belt is in place
  • Exit vehicle and lower lift while holding client's wheelchair
Manual Operation of Lift
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