Meet TransNet Staff: Reservation Agent, Robert Sauter

Robert Sauter, Reservation Agent, has been working at TransNet for 4 years and really enjoys his job! He speaks to different people all day long coordinating their schedule and trips in order to have them stay linked to the community. Robert said, "I truly enjoy working with my co-workers and hearing Carol's laugh! They all make me smile and help me enjoy my job to the fullest." He has cousins in Stone Harbor, NJ and Wangen, Germany, who he loves seeing when he can.

Congratulations Lisa Schoffler: $500 for Employee Excellence Award

Congratulations to Lisa Schoffler for being selected to receive the Employee Excellence Award for Tri County Transit, which includes a check for $500 and an excellence pin! This award was presented during the employee appreciation luncheon. Lisa has not only done what is expected of her such as being on-time, presentable, dependable, and courteous, but she also goes above and beyond expectations. She will work extra hours when asked and makes herself available. She is friendly and respectful to her co-workers and consumers. Lisa is a definite asset to Tri County and TransNet.

Congratulations James Hanson: $500 for Employee Excellence Award

Congratulations James Hanson for being selected to receive the Quarterly Employee Excellence Award from TransNet and Valley Paratransit during the Employee Appreciation Luncheon! James has gone above and beyond of what is expected of him as a driver for Valley. Whenever asked to take long or late trips, he never hesitates and just grabs the keys. He is a fantastic driver who has never received complaints from his riders. He's very personable and a pleasure to have at Valley. Thank you for all you do, James! You are deserving of this award.

Meet TransNet Staff: Reservation Agent, Marcy Sturman

Marcy Sturman, Reservation Agent, will be celebrating her one year anniversary at TransNet on October 26th! Marcy enjoys helping people make ride reservations because she knows it helps them stay active in the community and gets them to their necessary doctor appointments. "The management team along with my co-workers are very nice, which makes the job much more enjoyable," says Marcy. During her time outside of work, she enjoys shopping, walking, going to the movies, and spending time with her grandchildren.

Meet TransNet Staff: Reservation Agent, Christina Norton

Christina Norton, Reservation Agent, has been working at TransNet for a year and a half and thoroughly enjoys her job. The people she works with are fun and entertaining with lots of energy. Christina is in the Call Center scheduling the rides for the Shared Ride Program easing the process for our members. Christina says, "My fun time is spent with my two kids, who are 8 and 10! I enjoy watching movies and going to the shore."

Meet TransNet Staff: Reservation Agent, Tara Flannery

Tara Flannery, Reservation Agent, has been working at TransNet for over 4 years this past April. She enjoys working with the multiple personalities of her co-workers, who she calls her "work family"! Tara also enjoys speaking with the consumers on a daily basis helping them schedule their rides to remain active in the community. She loves spending time with her husband and children during all their adventures together..."Adventures together will last a lifetime!"

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