Meet the Drivers/Aides Monday: Kevin Johns, Driver at Tri County Transit

Kevin Johns, driver at TransNet's partner, Tri County Transit, has been with the organization for a year and a half and is doing an exceptional job. He has already been nominated and recognized on a state level by PA Public Transportation Association (PPTA) for his hard work, dedication, and teamwork with his wife, Holly Johns, aide at Tri County Transit. Kevin transports people with wheelchairs and senior citizens to Helping Hands and Kencrest. His clients look forward to seeing him every day and they feel safe with him as their driver knowing he cares about each of them and treats them like family. Kevin's favorite part of his job is meeting new people and being outside. He appreciates tha

Meet the Drivers/Aides Monday: Jeff Villani at Bux-Mont

Jeff Villani, driver at Bux-Mont Transportation in Willow Grove, one of TransNet's partners, has been with the company for 6 years! His hard work and dedication to TransNet's mission is greatly appreciated, not only by TransNet and Bux-Mont but also by the consumers he transports. Jeff really cares about his job and realizes the importance of what he does on a daily basis. "TransNet will provide safe, reliable, professional transportation that connects people to community resources and opportunities, enhancing the quality of life for our consumers." - TransNet's mission statement. Jeff transports Persons with Disabilities on a daily basis and connects with each of them making it easier for t

Top 25 Placement in the 2017 National Roadeo

TransNet drivers, James Downam from Easton Coach Company, and George Johnson from Bux-Mont Transportation were given the opportunity to compete in the 2017 National Roadeo in Detroit, Michigan on June 10th and 11th since they finished in the top 3 in the State Roadeo in August 2016. "The National Community Transit Roadeo is the only national venue to honor and celebrate the value of rural and community transit operators, the backbone of the Community Transportation industry. This exciting event draws drivers from around the country to compete for top scores on a course that tests skills on every level of the drivers' abilities", states CTAA (Community Transportation Association of America).

Meet Drivers/Aides Monday: Melissa Floyd-Stinson, Driver, Easton Coach Company

Melissa Floyd-Stinson, Driver at Easton Coach Company, has been a driver for TransNet's partner for five and a half years. She completes many different types of trips throughout the month including medical assistance, shared ride, senior centers, after school program, and more. Melissa has been awarded the Employee Excellence award twice in the past year, demonstrating how dependable and valuable she is as a driver; however, Melissa also participates in scheduling and dispatching, which shows her flexibility and ability to diversify. Her favorite part of the job is meeting all different people on a daily basis. During her "free" time, Melissa enjoys being with her family, staying home relaxi

Meet Drivers/Aides Monday: Joseph Holod, Driver at Easton Coach Company

Joseph Holod, driver at Easton Coach Company in Norristown, has been a driver since December 2010. He is a trainer who teaches other drivers to be as detailed, responsible, and knowledgeable as he is while performing his every day tasks. Joe completes morning and afternoon runs throughout the week and enjoys meeting new people and working outside. The best experience he's had as a driver is working with TransNet and Easton Coach but, more importantly, helping the clients. Joe enjoys being with family and doing arts and crafts during his free time.

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