Meet the Drivers/Aides Monday: Russell Brown, Driver at Easton Coach

Russell Brown, driver at Easton Coach Company, a TransNet partner, has been working for the organization for over a year. He is very versatile and able to transport any of the people who request transportation including senior citizens, persons with disabilities, people receiving medical assistance, corporate people and people in wheelchairs. Meeting the clients and talking with them about their day and various activities is Russell's favorite part of the job. Treating his clients with respect is extremely important to him. The most memorable moment was when the bus broke down and Russell and his aide, Sara, kept all the clients together and content while waiting for another bus to pick them

TDM/Sustainability Award Presented to TransNet

During the TDM Awards Breakfast on Monday, September 18, 2017, TransNet was presented with the TDM award given by GVF. This is the sixth year in a row being recognized for our efforts and accomplishments for sustainability. 6abc Action News anchor, Tamala Edwards, spoke about TDM efforts and helped distribute the awards to the recipients, including Carol Sterling, TransNet's Director of Operations. TransNet continues to make strides toward becoming more sustainable by purchasing additional CNG buses and transporting senior citizens, person with disabilities, special needs school children, college students, corporate campus employees and summer campers within Montgomery County. Our service an

Meet the Drivers/Aides Monday: Alissa Fisher, Driver at Valley Transit

Alissa Fisher, driver at TransNet's partner Valley Transit, has been with the organization for over a year now. Majority of her trips involve school children, medical assistance, senior citizens, and people with wheelchairs. Alissa has quite a diverse group of people she transports, which shows how dependable, flexible and capable she is. Helping and meeting new people is her favorite part of the job. Alissa says the best experience she has had so far was "meeting and driving one of my school kids around because he makes my day with how sweet his personality is." During her "free" time, she enjoys spending time with family, baking and cooking.

Meet Drivers/Aides Monday: Angela Todd, Driver at Bux-Mont Transportation

Angela Todd, driver at TransNet's partner Bux-Mont Transportation, has been working with TransNet for over 2 years. She typically transports persons who are Intellectually Disabled and really enjoys meeting all her clients. Seeing them every day and listening to them share their stories is the best part of her day. Angela had received Employee of the Month after starting only 6 months prior. This shows her dedication and commitment right from the beginning and Bux-Mont Transportation immediately wanted to award and recognize her. During her "free" time, Angela enjoys shopping, swimming, cooking, being at the shore, and hanging out with family.

Meet the Drivers/Aides Monday: Monica Pope, Driver at Tri County Transit

Monica Pope, driver at TransNet's partner, Tri County Transit, has been working for the organization for over 4 years. She mainly transports children to school and also transports consumers with wheelchairs. Monica's favorite part of her job is meeting new and nice people because she says, "Majority of clients are awesome!" The best experience she has had during her job is transporting a school trip to the Reading Phillies game. In addition to working at Tri County Transit, she is also a member of the Transportation Ministry at her church where she volunteers to transport church members to and from their homes. Monica also enjoys cooking, spending time with grandchildren and taking road trip

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