Meet TransNet Partners Monday: Kayla Armstrong, Aide at Bux-Mont Transportation

Kayla Armstrong, vehicle aide at TransNet's partner Bux-Mont Transportation, has been with the company for over 5 years! She's typically involved in transporting people with disabilities to and from their workshops, which makes her feel great knowing she's making a difference in people's lives. Kayla enjoys the people she transports the most and treats them like family. She takes pride in her responsibility to assist them with great care and does what she needs to in order to keep them happy and enjoy their day. During Kayla's "free" time she enjoys going to school and running.

TransNet Receives Air Quality Partnership Excellence Award

TransNet received the Air Quality Partnership Excellence Award in Spring 2017 from Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) for big steps taken to improve air quality. " TransNet reduces emissions from single occupancy vehicles while providing mobility alternatives for local residents through an array of ride options", states DVRPC. ​ "As warmer weather approaches, so does the onset of ground-level ozone. High levels of ozone pose health risks for everyone, and large segments of the population are considered especially sensitive to air pollution. Fortunately, ozone levels are being monitored and the public can be alerted when levels become unhealthy. The Air Quality Partnership (

2017 Top TDM Under 40 Awards Received by Megan Krusi and Danielle Wiley

Megan Krusi, Information Systems Manager, and Danielle Wiley, Marketing Manager received the 2017 Top TDM Under 40 Award. Megan oversees the efficient operation of TransNet’s automated scheduling and dispatching software, managing more than 300 vehicles and 3,300 demand response trips daily while Danielle manages marketing TransNet through social media, the website, videos, events, promotions and much more. Social Media has at least doubled its number of followers and likes within a year. Danielle created a new TransNet website for easier navigation and more in depth information along with creating new pamphlets and brochures for the various services. GVF distributes this award to ambitious

Meet the Partners Monday: Judy Whiteley, Driver, Main Line Transit

Judy Whiteley, Driver at TransNet's partner Main Line Transit, has been a driver for almost 2 years. Her primary trips include creative workshop and senior centers. Judy enjoys her creative workshop clients and she always tells them they are the "best part of my day!", while her seniors inspire her. The best experience she's had during her job was "picking up a new client who has dementia as her husband stood by watching me put her wheelchair in and lock everything. I told him not to worry, I will take good care of her. He smiled through his worried face. This is what my job is all about", Judy expresses. During Judy's "free" time, she enjoys playing the bass guitar and she continues to play

Meet the Partners Monday: Paul Causey, Dispatcher, Valley Transit

Paul Causey, Dispatcher at Valley Transit, one of TransNet's partners, has just recently joined the team about 5 months ago. As the part-time dispatcher, Paul assists the manager with scheduling drivers for their appropriate runs, makes changes by adding, canceling or moving runs appropriately, and answers calls from clients. He enjoys being part of a team that helps consumers who need assistance getting to and from doctors' appointments, pharmacies, grocery stores, and much more. During Paul's "free" time, he enjoys going on cruises.

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