Meet TransNet Staff: Risk Management & Training Coordinator, Tamika Davis

Tamika Davis, Risk Management & Training Coordinator, is one of our newer staff members since October 2015 and she has great things to say about working at TransNet! "What is there not to like? There is nothing like working with people who actually enjoy what they do. Great people with great personalities...that pretty much sums it up!" When Tamika is not at work, she enjoys re-vamping resumes and hunting the Tri state area for fish tacos!

Meet TransNet Staff: Customer Service Coordinator, Wendy Radley

Wendy Radley, Customer Service Coordinator, has been working at TransNet for 8 years. She said, "I love helping people, which my job allows me to do, but I especially love the people I share my office with." Wendy is one of the people you will speak with to arrange your trip through the Shared Ride Program, Medical Assistance Program or Persons with Disabilities Program. She does everything she can to make the process as easy and efficient as possible. When Wendy is not at TransNet, she said, "I love long walks with my husband, kids and the dog, but if I ever have my own time I truly love to read or watch a good movie."

Meet TransNet Staff: Office Coordinator, Helene Spencer

Helene Spencer, Office Coordinator, has been at TransNet for 4 years and she really enjoys the people she works with. "Everyone here is equally nice and friendly, which makes for a great day!", says Helene. She enjoys spending time with family and friends on the weekends and you can usually find them hanging out together poolside during the summer.

TransNet Receives Platinum Sustainability Award!

On Monday, September 12th TransNet received the 2016 Platinum Sustainability Award at GVF's Sustainability Breakfast. TransNet implemented a sustainability plan multiple years ago and continues to add and improve various aspects to the plan. All the buses, vans and sedans used by TransNet to commute people saves the environment millions of pounds of CO2 every year. We invested in Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles over the past couple years totaling 15 to date, which reduced our carbon footprint by 286,000 pounds. By switching to CNG vehicles, CO2 emissions for these 15 vehicles were reduced by approximately 41%. Ecolane, the electronic program used to schedule and cancel rides, has been

Meet TransNet Staff: Program Coordinator, Phyllis Hatch

Phyllis Hatch, Program Coordinator, has been at TransNet for 10 years! She enjoys her job responsibilities, which includes registering, scheduling and coordinating all aspects of the Persons with Disabilities (PwD) Program. She truly likes the people she works with. Phyllis enjoys cooking and made a fantastic chili for TransNet's potluck lunch recently.

Rep. McCarter Senior Expo was a Success!

TransNet participated in Representative Steve McCarter's Senior Expo today and it was a huge success! Hundreds of people were in attendance and TransNet registered people on the spot for the 65+ Shared Ride Program. People were thrilled to learn about the door-to-door service we provide with minimal cost because we are a non-profit state-funded organization. Thank you to all who were in attendance and stopped by to visit TransNet! #TakeTransNet

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