Meet the Partners Monday: Jessica Russo, Administrative Assistant, Bux-Mont Transportation

Jessica Russo, Administrative Assistant at one of TransNet's partners, Bux-Mont Transportation, has been part of the company for over two years. Her responsibilities include answering the phones, assisting employees with various inquiries, providing support for several executives, writing incident and accident reports, and handling a variety of issues that arise throughout the day. Jessica says, "It's essential to maintain a partnership with TransNet because together we are able to provide safe and affordable transportation to those who are in need." During Jessica's "free" time, she enjoys spending time with her daughters, husband and two pugs. She also enjoys sitting on the beach, working

Meet the Partners Monday: Bernadette O'Neill, Operations Coordinator, Bux-Mont Trans.

Bernadette O'Neill, Operations Coordinator at TransNet's partner, Bux-Mont Transportation, has been working there for 8 years and started in Human Resources. She is currently responsible for payroll, scheduling, drivers paperwork, tablets, and assisting in the day-to-day operations of Bux-Mont. "Partnering with TransNet and the other carriers gives us an opportunity to utilize a wider pool of knowledge and skills in order to better meet our clients' needs," states Bernadette. She is married with 3 children, 3 step-children, 3 grandchildren and 3 dogs. In her "free" time, Bernadette enjoys hanging out with her family, gardening and sleeping.

Meet the Partners Monday: George Wadsworth, HR Manager, Tri County Transit

George Wadsworth, Manager at TransNet's partner Tri County Transit, has been with the company for over 9 years! He started as a driver, later became a dispatcher, and is now the manager who handles Human Resources and Safety. His responsibilities include recruiting, orienting and training drivers and aides. George is the chairperson for Tri County Transit's Workplace Safety Committee, which prepares and allows him to resolve any safety and compliance issues which may arise. "I feel it's important to be a partner of TransNet because they serve a need in the community for safe and reliable transportation to clients who may have no other way to get to the appointments and places they need to,"

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