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TDM/Sustainability Award Presented to TransNet

During the TDM Awards Breakfast on Monday, September 18, 2017, TransNet was presented with the TDM award given by GVF. This is the sixth year in a row being recognized for our efforts and accomplishments for sustainability. 6abc Action News anchor, Tamala Edwards, spoke about TDM efforts and helped distribute the awards to the recipients, including Carol Sterling, TransNet's Director of Operations. TransNet continues to make strides toward becoming more sustainable by purchasing additional CNG buses and transporting senior citizens, person with disabilities, special needs school children, college students, corporate campus employees and summer campers within Montgomery County. Our service annually provides more than 900,000 trips, including 275,000 for persons with physical and mental disabilities, 90,000 trips for low income residents of Montgomery County and over 174,000 trips for senior citizens. TransNet is dedicated to providing a safe, efficient and enjoyable transportation experience for the riders.

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