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MATP Brokerage Delayed for 18 Months

In response to the advocacy efforts of many individuals and organizations throughout Pennsylvania and the results of a study conducted to analyze the impacts of a regional or statewide full-risk brokerage of the Medical Assistance Transportation Program (MATP), the Secretaries of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Department of Human Services, and Department of Aging have submitted a letter to legislative leadership in the Senate and House of Representatives explaining that a statewide brokerage model may not be the best solution for PA.

They will take the next 18 months to explore options for the administration and service delivery of the MATP. During this time the Department of Human Services will not award a brokerage contract.

Although this is great news there is still much to do to ensure that residents throughout our region and the state continue to receive the highly efficient and reliable services they receive today, without limitation and/or elimination of services or extensive increases in the cost to senior citizens, persons with disabilities, and veterans. Please continue to advocate for the local administration of the MATP, and not to transition the MATP to a regional or statewide full-risk brokerage. Thank you for your continued support.

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