Automated Work Zone Speed Enforcement Program

The Pennsylvania General Assembly passed a law to allow an Automated Work Zone Speed Enforcement (AWZSE) program in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Drivers who are traveling through an active work zone more than 11 mph over the marked speed limit will activate the automatic camera which will take a picture of their license plate. A violation notice is then prepared and mailed to the vehicle owner. The penalties are: First offense – warning letter. Second offense – violation notice and $75 fine. Third (and subsequent) offense – violation notice and $150 fine. Civil penalty only; no criminal penalty. No points on license or impact to merit rating for insurance purposes. Violations may be con

Ride Along Program

The Customer Service Representatives (CSR's) Ride Along Program was implemented by TransNet and our partners in January 2020. This program enabled our CSR's in the call center to experience the tasks and responsibilities drivers and aides perform daily as well as experiencing the complete process of a rider's trip from scheduling the reservation to picking them up at their origin and dropping them off at their destination. The CSR's were also able to meet and interact with the riders who they may have spoken with in the past when scheduling their reservation. Hopefully this Ride Along Program experience will help the CSR's ask our consumers for additional information, such as the specific

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