Meet Drivers/Aides Monday: Barbara Soos, Aide at Tri County Transit

Barbara Soos, aide at TransNet's partner Tri County Transit, has been with the organization for over four and a half years. Majority of her trips are with school children so she is able to make their days start and end as great as possible. She enjoys seeing the smiles on their faces when she arrives to transport them to and from school. Listening to their stories is what Barbara enjoys the most about her job. She's able to help people get to places they normally wouldn't be able to go to without her help. Barbara looks forward to continually meeting new people with different types of personalities. When Tri County Transit has the holiday luncheon, she enjoys being able to socialize with her

Meet Employees Monday: Bernadette Camacho, Dispatcher at Tri County Transit

Bernadette Camacho, Dispatcher at TransNet's partner Tri County Transit, has been with the organization for 17 years. She is the primary morning dispatcher who greets all the drivers and aides as they check-in and pick up their vehicles for their runs. Bernadette enjoys helping her co-workers to make their jobs as easy and enjoyable as possible. Being a dispatcher is not an easy job because she is responsible for coordinating all the trips and moving trips around when necessary. She is the center of communication for the drivers and aides as they are transporting the consumers. During Bernadette's "free" time she enjoys watching her son play football and she also enjoys having fun with her g

Meet the Driver/Aide Monday: Tammy Imbody, Driver at Bux-Mont Transportation

Tammy Imbody, driver at TransNet's partner, Bux-Mont Transportation, has been with the organization for two years and enjoys everything about her job. She realizes how much she is helping people through transportation and likes the fact she is a part of it. Her responsibilities include transporting various types of consumers such as senior citizens, children, persons with disabilities, and more. When Tammy started at Bux-Mont Transportation she was a vehicle aide and was promoted to being a driver. She has made many friends within her two years and looks forward to meeting more people. Tammy said, "It is a nice company to work for." During Tammy's "free" time, she enjoys spending time with f

Meet the Driver/Aide Monday: Catherine Eppler, Aide at Tri County Transit

Catherine Eppler, aide at TransNet's partner Tri County Transit, has been with the organization for three years. She enjoys helping the children who are being transported to school knowing they wouldn't be able to have a way to receive an education without her. The stories the children tell, the jokes they share, and the many laughs they all enjoy together is a gift in itself. Catherine enjoys being a part of their lives and sharing in the moments. The people she works with also makes her job enjoyable. They help each other and enjoy being together during the fun festivities of the various seasons. During Catherine's "free" time, she appreciates going home and getting some rest.

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