Meet Drivers/Aides Monday: Charles Croak, Driver at Valley Transit

Charles Croak, driver at TransNet's partner Valley Transit, started driving five months ago and truly enjoys what he does. He mainly transports school children, senior citizens, and adult day care residents. The best part of Charles' job is meeting different people and helping whenever he can because he knows he's making a difference in people's lives. Seeing the smiles on his consumers' faces when he picks them up to go wherever they need to go makes his day. During his "free" time, he enjoys watching his daughter play softball and he enjoys playing softball himself.

Meet Drivers Monday: Ronda DiMarino, Driver at Tri County Transit

Ronda DiMarino, driver at TransNet's partner Tri County Transit, has been working with the organization for over 14 months and really enjoys performing a service for those in need. She understands the necessity of TransNet in order to help those who are not able to drive because of age or a disability. Ronda mainly transports senior citizens in the shared ride program and people with medical assistance. She receives great amounts of appreciation from her riders and their families when they let her know how much having her as a driver matters. They are able to keep their independence because of drivers like Ronda. During her "free" time, she enjoys spending time with her family and grandchild

Meet Dispatch Monday: Donna Stover, Dispatch at Bux-Mont Transportation

Donna Stover, dispatch at TransNet's partner Bux-Mont Transportation, has been working with the organization for 17 years! On a daily basis, she schedules and cancels trips, coordinates trips with the drivers, and answers any questions consumers may have. Donna enjoys interacting with the drivers and being able to help them with their runs. She also enjoys being in the office helping her co-workers simultaneously. Seventeen years ago, she started as a driver, then accepted the position within the office as dispatch. The TransNet Excellence Award was given to Donna twice in her career demonstrating how valuable she is to the organization as a result of her dependability and abilities. During

Meet the Drivers/Aides Monday: MacArthur Littles, Bux-Mont Trans. Driver

MacArthur (Mac) Littles, driver at TransNet's partner Bux-Mont Transportation, has been working for the organization for over 3 years. He primarily transports school children and people with wheel chairs, which requires patience, dependability and a great personality. Mac enjoys conversing with his clients on a daily basis and finds this to be an excellent opportunity to learn the Montgomery County area better. Assisting clients with wheel chairs has been his best experience because they truly appreciate the assistance given to them knowing they aren't able to be transported without him. During Mac's "free" time he enjoys traveling, sightseeing, and spending time with his grandchildren. He i

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