Meet Driver Monday: Paul Doud, driver at Tri County Transit

Paul Doud, driver at TransNet's partner, Tri County Transit, has been a shuttle driver for five years. He transports employees and contractors to and from the train station and place of employment. By having this option as an employee or contractor, they are able to take the train to and from work so they no longer need to commute in a single occupancy vehicle and sit in traffic. On the train, they are able to relax, be productive, do work, read, or whatever else they would like to do on their way to work. Paul enjoys getting to know the regular riders on the shuttle and is proud of the fact he gets them to work and the train station on time and safely. During Paul's " free" time, he enjoys

Meet Driver Monday: Bernadette McIntosh, driver at Tri County Transit

Bernadette McIntosh, driver at TransNet's partner, Tri County Transit, is new to the team for about two months and is enjoying it to the fullest. She enjoys the fact that she is helping people get to where they need to go or otherwise they would not be able to do so. Families are very appreciative of her taking care of their loved ones. Bernadette primarily transports school children and senior citizens as part of the Shared Ride Program. Getting to know her co-workers and the riders is her best experience on the job. During Bernadette's "free" time she enjoys relaxing at home with her children and reading.

Meet Drivers/Aides Monday: Michael Vernacchio, Driver at Main Line Transit

Michael Vernacchio, driver at Main Line Transit, is one of the newer drivers to join the staff. His main responsibilities as a driver include transporting senior citizens to daycare centers and center city Philadelphia, along with transporting Persons with Disabilities to various hospitals. The consumers are always his main focus and the reason he became a driver. Michael enjoys seeing the riders everyday knowing he is helping them get to where they need to go and without him they would probably not be able to get there. When the consumers say "thank you" to Michael, he enjoys that part of the day the most because of how appreciative they are. During Michael's "free" time he enjoys spending

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