Meet Partners Monday: Michael Valenza, GM at Bux-Mont Transportation

Michael Valenza has been working at Bux-Mont Transportation since the beginning of TransNet in 1980 when he was only 20 years old. He has been working there now for 37 years! Michael has grown in the company and climbed the ladder through the years wearing many hats including General Manager, Vice President, and COO. He is responsible for human resources, hiring, training, firing, scheduling, safety, accidents, property maintenance, and more. During Michael's "free" time, he enjoys spending time with his family, being outdoors, playing baseball and traveling.

Meet Partners Monday: Ann Collins, Human Resource Manager, Easton Coach Company

Ann Collins, Human Resource Manager at Easton Coach Company dba Norristown Transportation and Mid County Transportation, has been in her position for 16 years! Her responsibilities include training and implementing safety expectations and procedures along with hiring qualified drivers and aides throughout the year. Ann states, "It is important to be a partner of TransNet because we are able to provide valuable and safe transportation for the community." During Ann's "free" time she loves to travel and spend time with her family, most importantly her grandchildren!

Meet Partners Monday: Debbie Kindt, Manager, Easton Coach Company

Debbie Kindt, Manager at Easton Coach Company dba Norristown Transportation and Mid County Transportation, has been a manager for over 18 years! As manager, she oversees the operations of three different locations including Norristown, North Wales, and Saint Joseph's University. Debbie says, "It's important to be a partner with TransNet knowing that we are helping the residents of Montgomery County get to wherever they need to go." During her "free" time, she enjoys being with family including her dogs! She also enjoys playing poker and sports.

Sade's Story: 13 year old with Cerebral Palsy grateful for TransNet!

Sade Lintellsmith, age 13, was born with Cerebral Palsy and was adopted by her mom, Peggy, two weeks after birth. She has had her fair share of difficulties in life but has a loving family who supports her and makes sure she is taken care of in every aspect of her life including transportation. TransNet has been transporting Sade to and from school for almost two years and both her and her mom are eternally grateful for TransNet's service and TransNet's partner, Tri County Transit's driver, Nick Bucelli. TransNet transports approximately 450 children every day including special needs children like Sade totaling close to 95,000 trips for a 9 month period. TransNet provides transportation for

Meet Partners Monday: Adrienne Simpson, Manager, Valley Paratransit

Adrienne Simpson, Manager at Valley Paratransit, has been working with TransNet for over 5 years. She started as a wheelchair driver and shortly after became the manager. Adrienne oversees about 20 drivers, sets the schedule for the drivers, confirms all the clients are picked up and dropped off in a timely fashion, handles human resources, and responds to client complaints. In addition to these responsibilities, she is also a dispatcher letting the drivers know where they need to be and responds to any questions or concerns drivers may have while on the road. Adrienne states, "It is important to be a partner with TransNet because there are a lot of people who need assistance with getting to

Check Out TransNet's Newly Designed Wrap & Video of How it was Produced!

TransNet created a newly designed wrap for all new buses with the theme of "Your Link to the Community" utilizing various colored links and pictures of all 5 different services provided by TransNet. Garman Decal printed the wraps, placed the wraps on the buses, and created a short video of the process of how the wrap was produced and placed on the bus. Look for the New Wrap on the road! Click on the Video Below!

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