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TransNet Receives Platinum Sustainability Award!

On Monday, September 12th TransNet received the 2016 Platinum Sustainability Award at GVF's Sustainability Breakfast. TransNet implemented a sustainability plan multiple years ago and continues to add and improve various aspects to the plan. All the buses, vans and sedans used by TransNet to commute people saves the environment millions of pounds of CO2 every year. We invested in Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles over the past couple years totaling 15 to date, which reduced our carbon footprint by 286,000 pounds. By switching to CNG vehicles, CO2 emissions for these 15 vehicles were reduced by approximately 41%.

Ecolane, the electronic program used to schedule and cancel rides, has been used for years making the rides more efficient. Office recycling, resource consumption, and participation in the National Bike Challenge are also ways TransNet is sustainable.

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