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2017 Top TDM Under 40 Awards Received by Megan Krusi and Danielle Wiley

Megan Krusi, Information Systems Manager, and Danielle Wiley, Marketing Manager received the 2017 Top TDM Under 40 Award. Megan oversees the efficient operation of TransNet’s automated scheduling and dispatching software, managing more than 300 vehicles and 3,300 demand response trips daily while Danielle manages marketing TransNet through social media, the website, videos, events, promotions and much more. Social Media has at least doubled its number of followers and likes within a year. Danielle created a new TransNet website for easier navigation and more in depth information along with creating new pamphlets and brochures for the various services. GVF distributes this award to ambitious leaders in the industry that are working to find creative solutions to improve our quality of life through engineering, planning, marketing campaigns and the development of commuting alternative programs that are shifting behavioral change.

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