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Meet the Drivers/Aides Monday: Kevin Johns, Driver at Tri County Transit

Kevin Johns, driver at TransNet's partner, Tri County Transit, has been with the organization for a year and a half and is doing an exceptional job. He has already been nominated and recognized on a state level by PA Public Transportation Association (PPTA) for his hard work, dedication, and teamwork with his wife, Holly Johns, aide at Tri County Transit. Kevin transports people with wheelchairs and senior citizens to Helping Hands and Kencrest. His clients look forward to seeing him every day and they feel safe with him as their driver knowing he cares about each of them and treats them like family. Kevin's favorite part of his job is meeting new people and being outside. He appreciates that he's able to experience "real life" through his clients. He realizes he makes a difference in people's lives on a daily basis by transporting them to places they wouldn't otherwise be able to visit. During Kevin's "free" time, he enjoys doing anything outside since he loves and appreciates the outdoors.

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