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Sade's Story: 13 year old with Cerebral Palsy grateful for TransNet!

Sade Lintellsmith, age 13, was born with Cerebral Palsy and was adopted by her mom, Peggy, two weeks after birth. She has had her fair share of difficulties in life but has a loving family who supports her and makes sure she is taken care of in every aspect of her life including transportation. TransNet has been transporting Sade to and from school for almost two years and both her and her mom are eternally grateful for TransNet's service and TransNet's partner, Tri County Transit's driver, Nick Bucelli.

TransNet transports approximately 450 children every day including special needs children like Sade totaling close to 95,000 trips for a 9 month period. TransNet provides transportation for many school districts in Montgomery County in addition to other private schools, camps, nursery schools, and more. In order to maintain the high level of quality and professional drivers, TransNet drivers are required to undergo comprehensive background checks which includes criminal history, FBI finger printing, motor vehicle reports, child abuse checks, and pre-employment drug test. All new drivers also receive 20 hours of classroom training and at least 16 hours of on-the-road training before they begin working with our passengers, while all existing drivers receive refresher courses in Defensive Driving and CPR on an ongoing basis.

TransNet has been transporting people for over 37 years! To stay up to date with TransNet's services and activities throughout the community, please email and request to be included on our mailing list to receive our monthly newsletter. To learn more about TransNet visit our website

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