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Meet the Drivers Monday: Deniece Walker, Driver at Tri-County Transit

Deniece Walker, driver at TransNet's partner, Tri-County Transit, has been with the company for two months. Her primary responsibility is transporting employees from train stations to their place of employment at a major financial institution in the Malvern area. This service is a benefit to the employees offered by their employer to allow them to take public transportation, use less gas, avoid the annoyance of traffic, decrease wear and tear on the vehicle, and help the environment by no longer using a single occupancy vehicle. These employees are able to ride with relaxation, the time to be productive by checking emails or making phone calls, or simply catching up on some sleep. The people she works with on a daily basis, and the conversations they have, is what Deniece enjoys most about her job. During her "free" time, Deniece enjoys camping, riding her motorcycle, and art.

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