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Meet the Drivers Monday: Theresa Razmyslowski, Driver at Tri-County Transit

Theresa Razmyslowski, driver at TransNet's partner, Tri-County Transit, has been with the company for two and a half years. Her primary responsibilities include transporting children to and from school, transporting medical assistance consumers, and transporting seniors 65 and older who are part of the Shared Ride program. Meeting new consumers, interacting with them, and have conversations with them is what Theresa most enjoys about her job. Just a simple "good morning" or "have a great day" can make a consumer smile and help them to enjoy the rest of their day, and that is what Theresa also enjoys about her job. The best experience that Theresa has had during her job would be when she receives compliments from consumers on how good of a job she is doing while transporting them to their destination. During her "free" time, Theresa enjoys spending time with her two children and four grandchildren, as well as taking spur of the moment weekend trips.

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