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Meet the Board of Directors: Daniel Andrlik, Vice President of Product, Ecolane, Inc.

Daniel Andrlik, Vice President of Product at Ecolane, Inc., is the newest TransNet Board of Directors member since he joined in December 2016. He states, "Transportation is such a crucial part of our civilization. Certainly, it provides access to essential services for individuals who might not otherwise reach them, but more importantly, it enables those same individuals to remain connected and engaged with their communities. We are lucky in Montgomery County to have an exceptional service provider in TransNet, and I'm honored to be able to serve on the board."

At Ecolane he manages the roadmap and product vision. He is also responsible for examining the market needs of the current and prospective customers, identifying potential new features, and prioritizing them for development.

"I travel a fair amount for work, so when I have free time, it's primarily spent at home, or touring the local sites with my family. I'm also an avid reader, and try to devote what additional free time I find towards that pursuit," Daniel says.

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