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Meet the Partners Monday: Michael Valenza Jr., Human Resources Manager, Bux-Mont Transportation

Michael Valenza Jr. has been working for TransNet's partner, Bux-Mont Transportation, for 12 years! Throughout high school and college he worked in the wash bay area and once he completed college, he helped maintain the property and assisted as a monitor whenever necessary. Following this, Michael was an electrician for 3 years until 2013 when he then earned his current position as Human Resources Manager. In this position he is responsible for overseeing potential employee interviews, hiring new staff members, compiling all new employee paperwork, and updating employee records with any changes. Michael also serves as the liaison between management and other employees, assists in day to day operations when necessary and is an account manager for select accounts.

During Michael's "free" time he is a full-time hometown sports fan, enjoys golfing, hiking and spending time with his wife and family.

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