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Meet the Partners: James Downam, Driver at Easton Coach Company

James Downam, Driver at TransNet's partner Easton Coach Company, has been working there for over 8 years. He is a very versatile driver and is able to interact with and transport many different types of people, therefore, he's placed on the routes where he is needed most. James enjoys being a driver because of the people he meets and knowing he's making a difference in their lives by allowing them to be independent and continue to live life to the fullest. He was selected to be a trainer so he's able to pass along his knowledge and abilities to other drivers. He takes pride in the work he does and always performs his duties to the best of his ability. James is a retired marine, which is probably where his determination and hard work stem from. During his "free" time he enjoys the "wind therapy" he receives while riding his Harley.

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