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Kick-off: "Safety First" Presentations at Select Senior Centers

Maria Church, Risk Management Director at TransNet, kicks off the beginning of TransNet's "Safety First" Presentations today, July 10th, at the Ambler SAAC. Over 30 senior citizens were in attendance with questions, comments, and enthusiasm. These safety presentations help the consumer understand their role as it pertains to everyone's safety.

At pickup locations, the consumer needs to follow these guidelines:

  • Wait until the driver exits the vehicle and is at the entrance door of the vehicle before he/she enters the vehicle.

  • Allow the driver to assist the consumer onto the vehicle if necessary

  • Consumers with mobility devices should be in line first

  • Make sure you as the consumer are properly secured before the driver moves the vehicle to leave

At drop-off locations, the consumer needs to follow these guidelines:

  • Wait until the driver stops and exits the vehicle before leaving your seat

  • Allow consumers without mobility devices to exit first

  • Consumers with mobility devices exit last, if assistance is needed wait for the driver

Safety First postcards are then distributed to reiterate guidelines for anyone who rides TransNet vehicles:

  • Remain Seated Until the Bus Comes to a Complete Stop

  • Handrails are Provided for Your Safety

  • Aisles Should Remain Clear While the Bus is in Motion

  • Do Not Distract the Driver in Any Way

  • Do Not Be a Distracted Passenger

TransNet will be giving this safety presentation to seven total select senior centers through July and August including The PEAK Center, Pottstown SAAC, Encore Experiences in Harleysville, Klein Senior Center, Palm Senior Center, Ambler SAAC and Montco SAAC.

If you or your loved one is 65+ years of age, please register for the Shared Ride program, which will allow you to go to the grocery store, doctor's appointments, hair dresser, and much more. Please visit for more details.

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