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Meet the Drivers Monday: James Vincent, driver at Bux-Mont Transportation

James Vincent, driver at TransNet's partner Bux-Mont Transportation, has been with TransNet for over 7 years. He has a huge responsibility of transporting persons with disabilities through the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit. James provides sensitive and caring service, conversation and socialization that is as important to them as it is to their passengers. Our safe, reliable and flexible transportation offerings for adults who are intellectually disabled is second to none in the Montgomery County area. TransNet also receives referrals for specialized transportation from local school districts, private camps and the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit. James enjoys transporting the children who are challenged along with people in wheelchairs. He is able to socialize and connect with them and he realizes what his job truly means to these consumers. TransNet and its drivers make a huge difference in people's lives. During James' "free" time he enjoys walking his dog, shooting pool with his crew, and reading.

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