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Meet the Drivers Monday: Ernie Lanzetta, Driver at Bux-Mont Transportation

Ernie Lanzetta, driver at TransNet's partner, Bux-Mont Transportation, has been with the company for seven years. His primary responsibility is transporting persons with disabilities to the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit (MCIU). "The MCIU provides a vast array of effective and efficient services that meet the educational and social service needs of Montgomery County’s 200-plus schools..." ( Students with disabilities and students needing alternative learning opportunities benefit from the collective efforts of the MCIU and the school districts through the programs they develop. Ernie enjoys helping the senior citizen riders as well as the children TransNet transports to their destination, whether it is a senior center or a school. During Ernie's "free" time he enjoys doing various chores around the house, such as gardening, automobile repair, and cleaning the house.

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