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TransNet Presents at National CTAA Annual Conference

Danielle Wiley, Marketing Manager at TransNet, and Maria Church, Risk Management Director at TransNet, attended the National Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) 32nd Annual Conference in Pittsburgh. Training sessions with up-to-date information including communication strategies, certified safety and security, innovative technology, workforce development, funding, and regulations were available.

Danielle also presented during one of the training workshops titled "Communicating Why-Not Just How-To Use Transit". The presentation focused on the reasons consumers should use transit, such as reduce stress, increase productivity during the commute, remain independent, practice sustainability, travel with experienced and trained drivers for safety, no longer fight traffic yourself and more. A comparison was made between transportation in urban and rural areas along with their benefits and challenges throughout the workshop specifically between TransNet in the Montgomery County/Philadelphia area and Operating Above the Standard

(OATS) in the Missouri area.

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