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Meet the Drivers Monday: Brenda Minnick, Driver at Tri County Transit

Brenda Minnick, driver at TransNet's partner, Tri County Transit, has been with the organization for six months. Her main transportation responsibilities include medical assistance, senior citizens, and school children. Seeing the riders every day and being able to converse with them and help them is the best part of her job. The best experience Brenda said she had while working at Tri County was "assisting an elderly client out of my van to the door, getting her bags of groceries and sitting them on the bench for her. Her smile and thank you meant everything." During her "free" time, Brenda enjoys writing, spending time outdoors, and putting together floral arrangements and decorations for weddings and parties. She has already published three poems, is a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA), and has eight grandchildren and one great grandchild.

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