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Meet the Board of Directors: Rick Metz, President of TRX Insurance Services, Inc.

Rick Metz, President, TRX Insurance Services, Inc. has been a member of the TransNet Board of Directors since September 2012. He is a business person at large on the board and serves on the Risk Management Committee. Rick says, "I believe it is important to participate with TransNet in some way as TransNet provides a needed service to the general community at large but more importantly a 'must have' service for those individuals that require assisted or accessible transportation. TransNet's service improves the lives of all those that take advantage of it and without their service would find their lives more challenging and difficult on a daily basis. Think of it...TransNet's service allows people to get to doctor's appointments, to work, to social services and shopping that otherwise would have almost no means of getting there. Hence, TransNet's services help provide an independence to these individuals that wouldn't otherwise have such easy access."

He then continues stating, "As a Board member, I have the pleasure of knowing I am helping certain segments of the community enjoy life a bit more and provide a means to greater fulfillment. I believe both myself and my firm bring a knowledge of insurance and risk management to TransNet that helps TransNet continue to operate on an 'as efficient' basis as possible thus allowing for greater expansion of services to more people over time."

During Rick's free time he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, playing golf, reading and traveling.

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